Chicago's Best Kettle Corn

Chicago's Best Kettle Corn

Chicago's Best Kettle Corn

Chicago's Best Kettle Corn

Flavor of the Month

Chicago’s Best: sweet savory caramel corn mixed with cheesy cheddar corn.

Caramel Cheese

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Full List Of Flavors

  • Kettle Corn – sweet & salty deliciousness
  • Carmel Kettle Corn – delicious buttery caramel flavor
  • Cheese Corn – rich cheddar flavored
  • Chicago’s Best – mixture of caramel and cheese
  • Carmel Teacher Candy – caramel corn along with green teacher candy flavored kettle corn
  • Cinnamon Teacher Candy – cinnamon flavored corn mixed with green teacher candy flavored corn
  • Tutti Fruity – mixture of grape, banana, orange, cherry, blueberry & and green teacher candy kettle corn
  • Cherry – cherry flavored kettle corn
  • Blueberry – blueberry flavored kettle corn
  • Orange – orange flavored kettle corn
  • French Toast – cinnamon and maple flavored kettle corn
  • Kettle Jalapeños (real jalapeños with kettle corn) – sweet kettle corn with a hot spicy kick
  • Chili Kettle – sweet kettle corn and chili spice mixed
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry – chocolate flavored kettle corn with cherry kettle corn
  • Grape LL Cool Ade – grape flavored and LL cool ade flavored kettle corn
  • Banana Split – real bananas along with chocolate and cherry kettle corn
  • Rocky Road – chocolate kettle corn with marshmallows
  • Sugar Free Kettle Corn – made with Splenda for those who can’t have sugar. Still tastes great!
  • Real Buttery Popcorn

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Our Story

About sixteen years ago, while on vacation in Branson, MO, I had my first taste of kettle corn. I loved the delicious combination of salty and sweet so much, kettle corn became my passion. I couldn’t get enough of that wonderful stuff. Whenever I would go to a fair, the first thing I would look for was the kettle corn. I would buy it two bags at a time, just to make sure I had enough!

When you love something, you want to share it with everyone. Two years ago, my husband and I decided to go into the business of making and selling kettle corn. We took it a step further, though, and we make 25 different flavors of gourmet kettle corn.

We are dedicated to providing the best kettle corn available. We never want an unhappy customer. People always rave about how good our kettle corn is, and they love all the different flavors. Kids really enjoy the vibrant colored corn. They’re drawn to it like magnets.

We’re grateful for the response our kettle corn has received. Several different fairs have voted us “Best Kettle Corn.” At one event, I popped the corn, then my husband bagged it. As soon as those bags hit the table, they were sold. Our customers even got in on the act by tying the filled bags. This went on for five hours, a happy example of people helping people.

That’s something else we love: helping people. We give bags of our kettle corn to mentally or physically challenged folks when they come through in groups. If a parent can only afford to buy one bag of kettle corn for two or more children, then we will give them a bag for free.

It feels good to help. It’s worth it for the big grins. When I see anyone smile while enjoying our gourmet kettle corn, it reminds of how I felt that day in Branson. Being able to bring that feeling to other people is what keeps us in business. I hope you’ll allow us to share that with you, too.

Grundy County Fairs 2014 (when we first went into business)

On June 30, 2014 the people of North Bend shared with us that customers would be willing to wait for Kettle Corn. We couldn’t believe it! So starting at 5pm on July 3rd (the night of fireworks), Micki made 23 batches of Kettle Corn over 5 hours while Gary sifted and bagged the Kettle Corn and completed transactions. The customers even helped by tying the bags!

Bureau County Fair 2014

A man was from Chicago approached us and asked if we could make him a big bag of Cherry Kettle Corn. He shared that his wife was a diabetic and asked if we could make it sugar -free. We asked him to come back in 20 minutes and we would have it ready for him. We added splenda so they could still enjoy the sweet flavor without the effects of the sugar. When he returned, he and his wife tried it and loved the taste and crunch of the mushroom popcorn. The man said it was better than Garretts of Chicago!

Raining Day in 2015

While we were at a fair in Henry County last year, we introduced our new kettle corn flavor we had recently added to our menu: Chicago’s Best. Even though it rained 3 of the five days, people were buying our kettle like crazy! They loved the mixture of caramel and Wisconsin graded cheese found in Chicago’s Best.

Wounded Warrior Project, Grundy County 2015

The Wounded Warrior Project for Gary Sinise brought in 255.00 with the Patriot flavor introduced in the Grundy County Fair of 2015. It was red, white and blue to represent the patriots.

Check out our new Selfie Station!

NEW to the Henry County Fair this year!!! Head to the Merchants Building and check out the Selfie Station at Micki DDDS Place! What is that you say? It is a state of the art photo station with a professional camera and a huge assortment of software to make you appear... read more

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